Saturday, January 23, 2010

Promotional Sale: Free Earrings

I am trying to promote my shop of jewelry: Curly Pearl. It is only a couple weeks old. So here is what I offer...

Buy any item in the shop,
And get a free pair of EARRINGS!
You choose the free earrings, but they must be less than the cost of the item you purchase.

Buy a $9 pair of earrings, get an $8 pair for free.

Buy a necklace, get a pair of lesser valued earrings for free.

How to get free earrings:
Simply buy the first item, then include a message telling me which pair of earrings you want free. Do NOT purchase the free pair... that way we avoid having to refund and all that.

Remember: Your free item must be earrings, and it must be less expensive than the purchased item.

Please let me know any questions. Please at least look at my shop. I have a variety of jewelry for all different occasions and styles. I am offering this until January 31st. Feel free to spread the word!

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