Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Owl Finds: Accessorizing with Owls!

Locket Necklace: $26

Clutch Wallet: $35

Messenger Bag: $40

Eco Owl Coin Purse: $12

Belt Buckle: $38

Bobby Pins: $6.50

If you don't see your owl this week, keep checking back. And, I'm always open to suggestions for owls to feature!


  1. I love these picks! thank you for including me!

  2. im in love with that messenger bag! <3 great feature!

  3. So many great things! Thank's for your comment on my post. I don't advertise online as yet - just working out the logisitcs...but happy for you to use pics & link to my blog in the meantime.


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