Monday, July 12, 2010

Watercolor Owls

I have always thought watercolors were the most difficult medium to use... but these artists have created some beautiful pieces of artwork in watercolor. And, they happen to feature owls!

love all these!


  1. Whoo whoo wouldn't love these cuties?!! TFS!

  2. thank you for featurning my owls... (and putting them in such good company). best, cori

  3. Etsy has a lot of owl to choose from. It is a very cute animal. We have burrowing owls where I live and they stand by their nest with their chicks and it is fun to take walks and look for them. I am going to try to paint them next. Thanks for choosing my owl along with these other great example, out of so many on etsy.

  4. what a super collection of owls! i love them :)

  5. oh, so beautiful! thank you for sharing! your blog is super lovely and i can't wait to read more! you are so inspiring :)

    best wishes,

  6. So inspiring.. I absolutely love owls, such a wonderful blog.


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