Saturday, July 24, 2010

Owl Earrings for Chi Omega

About a couple weeks ago, I completed an order of owl earrings that will be given out in the fall to new Chi Omegas at a nearby college campus. I personalized the order by using the sorority's colors for the cards. They each say "Chi O thinks you're a hoot!"

I sure hope the girls like them!

And, if you are interested in a bulk order of owl earrings, please contact me for discounts. Items can be personalized for any event!


  1. Those are so adorable and wow what a big order - I bet you were very busy! Congratulations!

  2. I'm a XO advisor at the ASU chapter and i passed along your info to the collegiate in charge of bid day items. her name is tatum so hopefully you'll hear from her soon :) they will have 50 new members and maybe they will need them for the 80 existing members too!

  3. 當最困難的時候,也就是離成功不遠的時候。..................................................

  4. So cute... I love this owl earrings.
    I'd like to buy how? Blog is for france.My


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