Monday, April 26, 2010

Owls All Over the House!

For this Monday's owl finds, I am featuring owls from Etsy that I would love to have in my house. These have a nice shabby chic look!

For a kid's room...

For a living room...

For a bedroom...

For a kitchen...

For a sun room...

For a door...


  1. What great finds! I love owls. They're my new thing.

  2. What a variety of owls! I love the owls for the kitchen! Thank you for featuring my owls :)

  3. I was sad that this page took a really long time to load, but it was way worth it! awesome Items, I love the salt and pepper shaker!

  4. Those are great finds! The kitchen owls are great, and the door owl is really growing on me too... I like the way he's perching there, and the colours are so cheerful.

  5. So lovely! I love owls!!
    The ones for the kitchen are fab!

  6. that pillow is too cute!

    found you on etsy forums...i'd love it if you visited me too!


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