Friday, February 26, 2010

Gawking at Crafts

Have you ever been to

It's a wonderful site with all kinds of beautiful crafts. I've made many many submissions, but craftgawker is quite picky! (Which is why the site is so nice-looking, I suppose.) Anyway, I finally got a submission accepted!

My pink and yellow owl pillow is now on craftgawker!!! Wahoooo!

Here are couple other owlsome things I found to gawk at...


  1. YEAHH! Congrats, I went to check it out and you're just a couple lines above one of my submissions. :o) I love craftgawker... I was actually thisclose to buying those owl nesting dolls for my MIL for Christmas! There are so many cool things on that site, and I'm not ashamed to admit I often find inspiration for product photography there!

  2. that's so exciting! congrats!
    btw i just stumbled upon your blog and i can't express how much i loooove it! i'm a lover of owls and all owl things, and your site is perfect.


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